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Hi guys! I know it has been such a long time since I posted. That was because I didn’t have time or should I say I didn’t make time to read any good books lately due to school work, projects, tests and basically anything school-related. I know right, shocking coming from the girl who LOVES to read. But now that school is finally over (WOOO!!!) I can read some books and review them for yall. Let’s get started shall we? Here goes to a summer of happy reading!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!





Hey guys, Happy Valentine’s Day! ‚̧ I wrote this yesterday but I’m actually posting it today, sorry for the delay! For Valentine’s Day, I thought I would do a recommendation on a sweet, cute and light romance novel called Anna and the French Kiss for the romance readers out there. This book is such an amazing book and the reason why I recommend it is because I literally could not put the book down and spent an entire day, reading it….until I kind of ended up finishing the entire book. Oops. The main character’s name is Anna and she goes to a boarding school in Paris, the city of lights and ends up falling in love with a boy named St. Etienne Claire. Of course there’s more to the story that fill in the gaps and make the book really exciting. This is a must-read for all the readers who like to read romance! It’s okay if you’re not a person who likes romance either. After this book, there’s a novel duo called Lola and the Boy Next Door as well as Isla and the Happily Ever After. These two books are related to Anna and the French Kiss but based on other character’s in the novel. Sometimes their are little cameos, of previous characters incorporated in these two books. I think that is really cool! So if you enjoyed Anna and the French Kiss, you can later read Lola and the Boy Next Door as well as Isla and the Happily Ever After. All books are filled with romance and is for sure a fantastic read you won’t forget. ūüôā Certainly, I did not.

Happy Reading!


P.S What do you guys do for Valentine’s Day? Whether it is going out with someone special or hanging out with your friends or family or even staying at home alone watching a movie, I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day! For Valentine’s Day, I went to Mandarin (A chinese-canadian styled buffet) with my family and we had an absolutely amazing time! There were all kinds of foods there from sushi to pizza and a whole table filled with desserts. It was so hard to choose food there with so many options. But overall, we had an absolutely wonderful time. ūüėČ



Pretty Little Liars: A stunning mystery T.V. Show/ Novel Series

ppl novels


Hey guys! So far I have been watching a T.V series called Pretty Little Liars and it is so good! I can admit it is quite scary because of the fact that there is A MURDERER called “A” that frames the girls and nobody knows who it is. I still can’t get over the fact that “A” knows where the girls are anywhere and anytime. He or she is ALWAYS one step ahead of them which seems really frightening.

In the photo, from left to right is Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hannah at the back. I honestly love all the characters because they all have a main role that is important to the story. I would love to read the novel series except they are so long! There are at least 15 novels. I would probably start the series after I finish watching the T.V. show. If you love mysteries and haven’t read or watched Pretty Little Liars, I recommend it. ¬†I mean, why not? There are hot girls. Hot guys and a murderer.

Happy Reading! ‚̧


Review: The Fault in Our Stars, By: John Green




‚ÄúSome infinities are bigger than other infinities.‚ÄĚ–JohnGreen.

Have you ever read a book and just sat there stunned, bawling your eyes out and just thinking wow that story was just breathtaking? Wow, because you felt so connected to the character’s emotions, feelings and what they were going through? This is exactly the kind of feeling you get after you read The Fault in Our Stars. I finished this book quite a while ago but it was so amazing, I decided I needed to write a review about it on this blog.

For those of you who haven’t read this book yet, The Fault in Our Stars¬†was at first about a shy¬†sixteen-year-old¬†girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her mom forced¬†her go to a cancer support group in order to make new friends and get more involved. At the support group she met August Waters who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis which was why he only had one leg. They¬†immediately bonded, over sharing their experiences and similar interests together. They eventually began to fall in love during the frequent time spent together even though Hazel did not want to be close to anyone as she described herself as a time bomb that can blow any minute, hurting others around her. ¬†Hazel was also obsessed with a book called¬†An Imperial Affliction¬†by author Peter Van Houten and recommended it to Augustus. They both ended up getting a chance to meet him and they¬†began their crazy, heart-breaking and wonderful journey to meet their dream author and find out more about ¬†An Imperial Affliction.¬†However, near the end of their journey Augustus admitted that his osteoarthritis had come back, numbing his entire body. The ending lies tragic, but I’m not going to spoil why! (Even though I really really want to!)

You’ll have to read the book if you want to find out the ending! After reading this book, I started crying SO HARD like¬†I¬†literally had tears and tears streaming down my face. My mom had asked me what happened and I said I just read one of the most saddest books in my life which was actually true. Cancer books are just not my thing but this one hit me hard! The reason why I liked this book so much was because it described cancer patients so well and how they felt. It wasn’t their fault that they got cancer because they were born with it. Props to John Green for being such a good author! There’s also a movie based on this book with actors Shaliene Woodley and Ansel Elgort which was very sad as well. Personally I think the book was better but that is just my opinion. Well, bye for now!

 and Happy Reading! Okay? Okay.

The Fault in Our stars: 5 out of 5 stars.


Hello world!

Hi! I’m just an ordinary teenage girl from Canada who LOVES to read! Ever since I was young I was such a book worm. Of course, I loved watching moves, playing games with my friends and going outdoors. Although, I think the best time for me was at night before I went to sleep to snuggle up in my bed and read some pages of a good book. I just thought I could share some of my thoughts on this blog! Because yes, reading is lyfe ‚̧